Here at DPM, we strongly believe that technology will never be able to replace books though it may well alter its appearance. A library endowed with thousands of articles and books coupled with a resource centre, carves out an impeccable amalgamation of wholesome knowledge provided to all the students. A huge spectrum of books authored by acclaimed writers of various genres is available to children at the DPM Library. This encourages and inculcates in them a love for reading that not only provides sheer joy but also further develops and enhances many skills in them.
Further, the growth of information and communication technology (ICT) in society is reflected in government policies to encourage the use of ICT in education and the development of educational multimedia. As the role of educational multimedia increases, it is increasingly important to have an idea of the potential it affords for teaching and learning. Thus, by understanding its significance, we plan to proffer this facility to our senior students by the next academic year.

Our Library-Media Centre also features story telling counters where children can enjoy and relax by quietly listening to stories.